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Ecuadorian roses Excellent Flowers Inc

Excellent Flowers inc and our flower farms in the Andean region

Hi there, as you may know we have our flower farms in one of the most fertile Andean regions to grow excellent roses and other flowers and today we want to explain you why we decided to organize our business in Cayambe, Ecuador.

Last 15 years Excellent Flowers inc supplies the highest quality flowers to the USA, Europe, Asia and other continents. We have headquarter in Miami, Florida and the representation of hundreds of farms around the world. In our possession several farms with exclusive flower crops for preservation in Cayambe, Ecuador. We are proud to be producers of excellent flowers, mainly roses because the geography of our crops allows them to have the ideal climates for flowers growing.

Excellent Flowers Inc

The geographical location of Cayambe with height over 2,800 meters under the sea level offers the ideal climatic condition. One of the highlights is that this region has temperature ranging from 10ºC at night to 24ºC during the day. These relatively cold temperatures make the flower cycle longer and this makes the flower come our larger with better shape and stronger petals. 

Comparing with Europe where there are 4 seasons and the flower cycles are much shorter due to the changes in weather conditions that can be seen during the whole year, Ecuador has huge advantage and we did not hesitate when we made a decision 15 years ago.

The next advantage having a farm in Cayambe the close distance to volcano that makes the soil more fertile with natural fertilizer as well as high solar radiation that makes the color shading on the petals better. In this case the plant produces more chlorophyll and there is higher photosynthetic rate. All these activities and the setting of colors on the petals makes roses healthier and stronger. That is why Ecuadorian roses are considered as the best in the world due to their incompatible quality, beauty and unique characteristics.

Ecuadorian roses

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