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7 Useful and easy plant care tips 

7 Useful and easy plant care tips 

7 Useful and easy plant care tips 

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If you have desire to start plant care and grow them well it is important to be aware about some simple rules and tips that can help you. Once you learn plant care basics, you will notice all the benefits of being a plant growing.  According to statistics, plants can help you breathe healthier and improve your mood just by having them around. Following these plant care simple instructions can help you to enjoy being the “plant parent”.

  1. Check the soil to know how often to water your plants

For potted plants at home, you may be unsure how often do you need to water them. For most plants, the golden rule is to check if the first inch of the soil is dry. If yes, this is an indication to water your plants. If leaves are shriveled or dry/discolored, the plant might need extra water than the regular one. 

2. Skip fertilization for houseplants if you are unsure if plants need it

Houseplants don’t require fertilization unless they are struggling to grow. If you are not familiar how much or what type of fertilization to use, it is better to skip it at all. Too much fertilization or not suitable fertilizer to your plant may actually kill your plant rather than helping it.

3. Try to water plants deeply, rather than lightly and frequently

When you water plants lightly and frequently, only the top roots are able to absorb the water, and the plant may not receive the amount of water needed. Watering plants deeply, which entails watering your plants more intensively and allows for all the roots to grab a drink. Try to avoid overwatering, water your plants slowly and check when the water is not draining through the soil anymore. 

4. Smaller plants are the fastest growing plants

When you buy the plant, better to choose the smaller plant rather the larger one. This is because smaller plant will be able to get more established in its home and have a larger ratio of roots to top growth. A larger plant won’t be able to continue growing so fast until the root catch up with the top growth. 

5. Prune your plants 

Cutting the old-growth on your plants will help to keep plant updated and grow again. Especially after a winter when you will see some of the tips or leaves plant dying, so a simple plant cutting will do!

6. Make sure pots have drainage holes 

Having a way for pots to drain is vital for your plant and the soil. Proper drainage allows the roots to receive air, rather than sitting in water and suffocating the roots.

7. Dust your plants!

A few times per month use a wet cloth to wipe down the leaves of your plants on both sides. Plant that collect too much dust on their leaves can’t get enough sunlight they need to survive. 

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