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Floral aromas in perfumes

Floral aromas in perfumes

Floral aromas in perfumes

Flowers are amazing creatures of nature beauty. Due to their magical aroma, perfumers actively add their essential oils to perfumes.

Since ancient times, people making perfumes used spices, needles, herbs and, of course, flowers. There is a theory that without flowers the perfume industry would not have received such a successful development. Today we would like to talk about the most important flowers for perfume industry. 


It is no surprise to anybody that the rose is the queen of flowers. The reason of that is unbeatable beauty, delicate petals and a bright feminine aroma. Many legends are associated with this flower. The most popular legend says that the god of wine Dionysus gave her amazing fragrance and the goddess of beauty Aphrodite gave rose a a luxurious appearance.

Despite the wide variety of rose sorts, for perfumes producers mainly use Rosa Damascene and Rosa Centifolia. Recently, black rose Black Baccara has been using widely among perfumers. It gives perfumes a special aroma as tart, woody, with tobacco notes. Furthermore, perfumers like to use rose oil, the first time it was created in Bulgaria. Rose oil is considered very valuable, in international market its value is higher than value of precious metals.



Of all the fragrance ingredients out there, lavender’s probably the most widely recognised (even if blindfolded) for its soothing, calming aromatic qualities.  (It’s actually been proven to quell anxiety and promote sleep.)  An ancient natural remedy, lavender’s a flowering member of the mint family, because different types of lavender are used in perfumery.

The largest lavender plantations are found in Provence, the French region. More than 80,000 kilos of lavender are grown each year in this region. It is also grown in many European countries like England, Spain, as well as in the Caribbean and India.

In modern fragrance, lavender is mostly used in feminine scents, although it turns up in plenty of colognes and men’s fragrances. It  works well alongside other aromatic ingredients like rosemary, pine, sage, patchouli, bergamot and orange blossom. 


Jasmine is a symbol of love and passion, it blooms only during the summertime and the smell of jasmine is the most strong at night. That is why the buds are collected before dawn and only by hand, otherwise the petals are easily could be damaged. The price for jasmine oil is high, because it requires about 8000 buds to get 1 kilogram jasmine oil. The main plantations of jasmine are in France, Morocco and India. In addition to this, it widely used not only in perfume industry but also as famous jasmine tea. 

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